May Day walk

Tony Oakley

Walkers in the rain

Eleven people turned up for the walk, which rather surprised me. It was basically a filthy day with rain most of the morning. Two of the eleven starters returned to their cars at the halfway point ( I don’t blame them). Nine of us continued and completed the "Boucle de St Rémy". Roughly ten kilométres, which took about three hours.

Victor decided to stop every now and then to drink a can of Guinness with his wife, sitting on a bench along the route. In the very wet conditions I don’t think anybody else wanted to hang about. I think most people enjoyed themselves up to a point, and the 9 who were very motivated, wanted to finish the walk despite the weather conditions.

Not one of the best walks I’ve done so far, mainly because of the weather, but as I always point out in the instructions one must wear the appropriate clothing and be prepared for adverse conditions. Unfortunately again due to the weather, everybody went home and there was no picnic.

Let’s hope the weather will be better next year.