Summer Hog Roast

Mme Susan Morgan

On Sunday, 13th August, sixty five members and guests were welcomed by Julie Dufour and Gilles Gauci to their charming garden for a hog roast. The weather was fine, after some days of rain showers. When we arrived the roast was already well advanced - Eric our chef, had started cooking at 8.45.

We spent an enjoyable aperitif hour with a chance to meet new people and greet old friends. Izzie the dog circulated with wagging tail through the chatting groups, before retiring to her sun lounger in the shade.

We sat down to enjoy pate and salads followed by the hog roast. Whether the warm day or the pate caused everyone to discover a thirst, is difficult to say, but we finished all the wine, fifteen litres in fact, and all the bottles of water, as well as a great deal of roast pork.

The raffle seemed to have lots of prizes - most of them in bottles. It made a profit of three hundred and thirty euros.

Pat spoke for us all when she thanked Julie and Gilles for their hospitality. Julie, who is a devoted gardener, was presented with a David Austin rose, 'Falstaff'. We took away with us the memory of an enjoyable summer Sunday meal in a garden.