Garden Party in Chantal and Alain Bertrand’s garden
21st July 2018

John Barritt

What a memorable and enjoyable evening!

For more than sixty of us fortunate enough to be there, it was unforgettable.  Under blue skies and in the beautiful and colourful garden of Chantal and Alain, with the flowers and trees and bushes all in full bloom, with the wine flowing freely as we greeted so many friends, what more could be better?

Just one more ingredient made it magical. The highlight of the evening came when Anne- Sophie showed us what an amazing and versatile instrument the harp is and then later, together with her nephew Victor-Emmanuel, on guitar, they "flew us to the moon".  We were literally transported to another world.

Then to the buffet table which was groaning under the weight of so many and varied mouth-watering dishes. So we talked and reminisced and then slowly and reluctantly took up our chairs and empty plates to make our way home.

Thank you so much to the Bertrand Family for their generosity in opening their house, their chapel, and their garden to us.

Thank you to the Committee for their hard work in planning such a splendid evening

And especially, thank you Anne-Sophie and Victor-Emmanuel for providing the perfect accompaniment to it all.